Should Christians Raise Victims?

Should Christians Raise Victims? - Parenting Like Hannah“It wasn’t my fault!” This one sentence from your children can test every bit of godly patience you have managed to acquire in a lifetime. Why? Because it is often followed by a long list of excuses – most of which are just ridiculous.

The reality is your child made a choice – probably not a great one from his or her response. The “it’s not my fault conversation” is merely an attempt to wiggle out of personal responsibility and consequences.

Sadly, we live in a world that actually encourages people to define themselves by their victimhood. While some people actually are the victims of crimes, manipulation and the evil actions of others, many are the victims of their own poor choices. Encouraging them to have a lifelong victim mentality is not in anyone’s best interest.

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Fun Family Service Project

Fun Family Service Project - Parenting Like HannahWhen our daughter was in elementary school, her girl scout leaders decided to have a “kidnap” breakfast one Saturday morning. They surprised each girl at her house, grabbed her in whatever she was wearing at the time (parents knew about it, so it was all good!) and whisked them off to breakfast and an end of year celebration.

Your family can do something similar. Think of people you know who might be lonely. They aren’t necessarily old, so don’t forget about single moms, single people in general, people new to your area and spouses of deployed military personnel.

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Is “Do Your Best” Bad Parenting?

Is "Do Your Best" Bad Parenting? - Parenting Like HannahWhen I was in school and worried about a test, my parents would usually say, “Just do your best.” I knew they meant study, get help from my teacher if I needed it and try to answer the test questions in the best way I knew how to do. No one called this being a perfectionist or worried about our mental health.

Yet at some point, someone noticed there were a few people who took things to an extreme. They expected themselves and everyone around them to be perfect all of the time. So we started being told to “chill” a bit and not worry so much about being “perfect”.

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The Next Right Thing

The Next Right Thing - Parenting Like HannahYou’ve probably heard the expression “Just do the next right thing”. Sounds logical, but is it really godly advice? When your kids are faced with a decision is this the best godly advice to give them?

The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman attempts to give readers a “simple soulful practice for making decisions”. Although that is a bit misleading, for the book is actually filled with quite a few different tools to use when faced with decisions.

Each chapter explains a technique the reader can use – twenty-four in all. The chapters are short and easy to read. The author sprinkles her life experiences throughout each, explaining how that particular tool proved helpful to her in a situation when she faced a difficult decision.

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Fun Communication and Leadership Activity for Kids

Fun Communication and Leadership Activity for Kids - Parenting Like HannahHave you ever had a nasty boss? Or a mean neighbor? If so, then you know what it is like to try and communicate with or be led by someone who has poor, if not ungodly, communication skills.

As Christians, we should all think of ourselves as leaders. Not in an egotistical – I get to be the boss of you – sort of way. Rather, we should be leaders to help others find God, learn what He wants them to do or help other Christians be more like Him. Often though, when Christians try to lead in these areas, their poor communication skills can do more harm than good.

So why not teach your kids healthy, godly communication skills before they can develop bad habits that hurt others? There’s a fun activity you can do to help them begin thinking about the best ways to lead with our words.

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