Who Is Your Child’s Neighbor?

Who Is Your Child's Neighbor? - Parenting Like HannahIf you have taken your children to church for very long, they have probably been told the story of the Good Samaritan. Young people love that story, because it is easy to imagine themselves as the Good Samaritan- stopping to help someone in need.

Yet, what do they do when there is a new kid in school? Maybe one who is very different than the rest of their friends? Or perhaps the new student is someone from a country your children have heard negative things about from adults or on television. Are they still loving, kind and helpful? Are they still willing to go the extra mile?

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12 Warning Signs Your Kids Will Hurt Others

12 Warning Signs Your Kids Will Hurt Others - Parenting Like HannahWe all like to think our children won’t bully anyone or even be ugly to others. Yet, it’s often the parents of the bully who are the most surprised when they learn of their child’s behavior.

Studies out of the University of Copenhagen and the University of Koblenz Landau studied how beliefs  and attitudes were attached to negative behaviors. They found that when people had certain beliefs or attitudes, they regularly engaged in behavior that was harmful to others – including violence, lying, stealing and discrimination.

Not surprisingly, all of the attitudes and beliefs that led to these ungodly behaviors are also ungodly. Of course, the study was secular and didn’t make the connection, but it is definitely there.

So what attitudes and beliefs are red flags that your child may be developing into a person who hurts others on a regular basis – often with little, if any, remorse? (Note: These have been adapted for a Christian worldview.)

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Moms Who Are Stretched Too Thin

Moms Who Are Stretched Too Thin - Parenting Like HannahMany ministers are afraid to address the issues facing mothers when it comes to working outside of the home. No matter what you have learned through research, observation or personal experience, half of the people you are attempting to serve become angry with you when you share what you have learned. The anger convinces many to just avoid the topic entirely.

As I encounter more and more kids and teens in extreme emotional and spiritual pain on an almost daily basis, I think it is time we take a balanced, honest look at the topic of working, both parents roles in parenting and the impact it has on children. We have to start being honest, discussing priorities and learning how God wants us to parent our kids.

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Fun Ways to Teach Kids Godly Principles During the Holidays

Fun Ways to Teach Kids Godly Principles During the Holidays - Parenting Like HannahOne of the best things about the holidays is that your kids get time off from school and many of their activities. Bed times can be a bit later, because they can sleep in a little longer. You have more time at home together.

What does your family do with that extended family time? If you use even some of that time more intentionally, you can have fun with your kids while teaching them some important things God wants them to know.

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Fun Way to Teach Kids Self-Control

Fun Way to Teach Kids Self-Control - Parenting Like HannahYou’ve probably heard kids and teens make poor decisions because they have an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex. Or maybe you have read something about kids and a lack of executive functions. It usually boils down to the idea that you can’t expect anyone under the age of 25 to make good, much less godly, decisions consistently.

What these experts don’t usually tell you is that parenting – or the lack thereof – can be a huge cause of this seeming inability of young people to make mature choices. If you don’t give your kids practice in making choices – with your help at first – how are they going to learn to make them? If you don’t expect them to exhibit self-control – and teach them how – how will they ever learn to control their behaviors and speech?

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