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How “See Something, Say Something” Parenting Could Revolutionize Your Christian Parenting

How See Something Say Something Could Revolutionize Your Christian Parenting - Parenting Like HannahIf you have lived in or visited a major urban area recently, you may have noticed a sign that read “See Something, Say Something”. Designed to encourage citizens to report information that could help authorities prevent a terrorist attack, the phrase could also be the best Christian parenting advice I can give you.

Years ago when I was a child, we knew without a doubt that if just about any adult saw us doing something we weren’t supposed to do, they would correct us or worse yet, tell our parents. In fact, it wasn’t always misbehavior.

I had gotten carsick on a school field trip four states away. When we stopped for dinner hundreds of miles from home, by coincidence a family from our village had also stopped to eat there. We drove all night, but by the time our bus pulled into the school parking lot, my parents greeted me with “Why didn’t you tell us you got sick?!”

Oh, how times have changed. Most of us are terribly afraid of correcting a child who isn’t ours – even if their life is in danger. We would never think of allowing anyone to tell us anything about our kids – except on a rare occasion their school teachers. In fact, we were in a situation where a teen was making some scary choices and we were honestly afraid of being sued or worse if we let the parents know what was happening.

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Teaching Kids About God While They’re Learning to Count

Teaching Kids About God While They're Learning to Count - Parenting Like Hannah


Often the “trick” to spending more time teaching your kids about God is to find ways to do it while you are working with them on something else. Teaching your kids to count is an important rite of passage for most kids.

Many of them will go through a stage where they will count…and count…and count. They aren’t counting things necessarily, but just counting to see how high they can get without making a mistake. Why not add a little fun and some Bible to the mix?

Here are some fun ways to mix learning to count and teaching your kids about God:
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5 Listening Skills You Should Be Teaching Your Children

5 Listening Skills You Should Be Teaching Your Children - Parenting Like Hannah

Greek Bell

Did you realize there are dozens of verses in the Bible about listening? Whether it’s listening to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, parents, wisdom or instruction, it is clearly important to God that our children listen and listen well. If you have children, you have probably been frustrated more than once with their ability to listen – and we won’t even talk about the obeying part!

Strong listening skills are essential to any Christian who wants to make an impact on the world for God. Yet parents, churches and schools spend little time training children how to listen well. Oh, a few may have children practice repeating what they have heard or even answering questions about it, but the listening skills your kids need go far beyond merely recalling details.

So what are the listening skills you need to help your children learn to master?

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Join Our New Parenting Like Hannah Community

Join Our New Parenting Like Hannah Community - Parenting Like HannahWe are so excited about our latest free resource for Christian parents! Many of you have been asking for a private community Facebook group. We heard you and it’s live now! The Parenting Like Hannah Community is a safe place for Christian parents to be encouraged and challenged on their Christian parenting journey.


Community members will have access to special content including:
– live chats
– in depth discussions of blog content
– first look at new resources
– priority registration for learning intensives
– opportunities to have your parenting questions answered by more experienced moms

Spiritual Health Habits for Christian Kids

Spiritual Health Habits for Christian Kids - Parenting Like HannahHow old are your kids? No matter how young they are, I would imagine you can already see signs of their growing independence. In what will seem like a manner of minutes, your children will probably move out of your home to begin their adult lives. You won’t have the ability to point them towards God throughout the day in your home. Your kids will need to know how to keep themselves healthy spiritually. If not, their faith will quickly wither and die.

Many of the things that help us grow and mature spiritually are things your kids can make habits in their lives. Just like eating healthy foods and exercising can keep their bodies as healthy as they can be, there are habits that will help your children stay strong spiritually. Doing these things regularly will give God opportunities to work on their hearts, while also letting them know what God wants from them and for them in life. They will help strengthen your children’s faith, so they will be prepared when the inevitable storms of life arise.

So what habits can you help your child establish so they can continue growing and maturing spiritually throughout their lives? There are probably quite a few, but here are four I believe are essential for spiritual health and growth:

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Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. (Deuteronomy 11:18-19 NIV)