The Key Christian Parenting Qualities We Often Miss

The Key Christian Parenting Qualities We Often Miss- Parenting Like HannahHave you ever tried to find a book on Christian parenting? There are dozens of great ones on the market. Have you asked a parent – who raised children who are faithful, productive Christians as adults – what they did? Or did you attend one of our Christian parenting seminars filled with ideas and tips?

Many of those sources may have listed a few characteristics of a successful Christin parent. Maybe they emphasized love, patience or godliness. There are three qualities though that are often implied in Christian parenting advice, but rarely stated plainly enough for most people to understand their true importance.

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Christian Parenting Success and Hospitality

Christian Parenting Success and Hospitality - Parenting Like HannahYou may have seen something recently about a new Barna study on spiritually vibrant homes. These are homes were they seem to be the most successful in raising children to be active, productive Christian adults.

One of the most interesting findings was that spiritually vibrant homes regularly were hospitable to others – invited others into their homes. Although, another category of parents did a lot of the right things like Bible study, prayer and conversations about God – the missing hospitality element seemed to make them less effective in the end.

According to the Barna study, spiritually vibrant homes include family and individual Bible study and prayer. They have lots of conversations about God and what He wants from us and for us. They also consistently invited others into their home. Barna isn’t sure whether hospitality creates a spiritually vibrant home or if spiritually vibrant homes are just more hospitable, but the correlation is strong. Hospitality makes a huge difference.

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Timing In Christian Parenting

Timing In Christian Parenting - Parenting LIke HannahOne of my favorite spring trees is the tulip tree. It’s one of the earlier bloomers and the flowers are just beautiful. Because it is one of the first trees to bloom though, the blooms are often destroyed by the cold before they have faded. In years where the timing of the weather and the blooming is better, the same flowers can last for many days.

Parenting, especially Christian parenting, has some timing aspects to it also. Often choosing the wrong timing for teaching your kids about something can have a negative impact on their spiritual and emotional health. If the timing is too early, they may not be prepared to handle the emotional and spiritual aspects that often come with that knowledge. Wait too late and they can be left vulnerable to the tricks Satan plays in those areas.

So, what are some of the areas in which Christian parents most often miss the timing and cause their children and themselves unnecessary problems? (“Too Early” or “Too Late” indicates the timing mistake most often made by parents.)

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Lies Christian Parents Believe

Lies Christian Parents Believe - Parenting Like HannahIn case you haven’t noticed, Satan has lots of tricks. One of his favorite (as Eve might tell you!) is making a lie seem like a very reasonable truth. Once you believe that “reasonable” lie, Satan can then convince you to do all sorts of sinful things, or neglect to do the good things God wants you to be doing.

Unfortunately, Christian parents don’t get a free pass from Satan’s lies just because they are parents. In fact, I would imagine we are one of his prime targets. After all, if Satan can convince us, he gets not only us, but also our children.

So what are the lies Satan wants you to believe? You better sit down for this, because we have probably all believed one or more of these lies to some extent from time to time.

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Fun Activity to Remind Your Kids To Be Grateful

Fun Activity to Remind Your Kids To Be Grateful - Parenting Like HannahOne of the realities of being a Christian parenting blogger is that you often find ideas you wish you had done with your children. Our daughter is a young adult now, but I wish I had known about this when she was younger.

A friend of mine actually created this gratitude idea for herself at first. She was on an extended mission trip in Africa without her family. Feeling a bit lonely and discouraged, she started a gratitude corner in her rented living quarters. It was a very visual reminder of God’s love and care.

Since then, she has gifted her grandchildren with the materials to start their own gratitude corners. The best thing is that this activity can be done on a child’s bedroom door or in a hotel room. It is portable and easy for everyone in the family to create their own or have one large family gratitude space.

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