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Join Our New Parenting Like Hannah Community - Parenting Like HannahWe are so excited about our latest free resource for Christian parents! Many of you have been asking for a private community Facebook group. We heard you and it’s live now! The Parenting Like Hannah Community is a safe place for Christian parents to be encouraged and challenged on their Christian parenting journey.


Community members will have access to special content including:
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Worshipping With Your Children In Service

Worshipping With Your Kids In Service- Parenting Like HannahIn Kids and Worship, I shared with you the important reasons I prefer children to worship with their families and not in a separate children’s worship service. Often this service is little more than entertainment- with children learning they should always have fun during worship and that worship is about how they feel, not about worshipping God. Your children are missing so many things vital for their spiritual growth and health when they are separated from you – even for just part of the service.

You may have experienced a few frazzled worship services with your children and decided it is best for everyone if they are removed from the auditorium as quickly as possible. With a few tips in your pocket and a couple of extra loving Christian hands, your family can reap the benefits of family worship with very little pain and suffering!

These are some of the things that made having our daughter in worship not only possible, but something we all valued – even those sitting near us! Every child is different, but some combination of these tips should work with almost any child.

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Kids and Worship

Worshipping With Kids - Parenting Like HannahIf your congregation is like most churches, they offer some sort of children’s worship. It can last the entire duration of the worship service or happen just during the sermon. Some congregations only have children’s worship for preschool children, while others offer it through late elementary or even the teen years.

I have long been an advocate of children remaining in the worship service. There are tons of benefits from our children remaining in the adult worship. In my opinion, those benefits are far more important than the distractions children may cause if allowed to stay.

You may be thinking you won’t “get anything out of worship” if your kids are sitting with you. Yet ultimately, worship is not really about us. Having your kids with you in worship may be challenging at first.  If you stick with it though, your kids may just get the following benefits:

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Placing Scripture on Your Child’s Heart With Song

Placing Scripture on Your Child's Heart With Song - Parenting Like Hannah

I am not sure when teachers first realized this – possibly when the book of Psalms was written – but it’s easier to memorize things when they are set to a tune. There are songs for the multiplication tables and lots of secular subjects. Did you realize many of the songs you sing in church are actually scriptures put to music?

Many Bible classes for kids and teens no longer focus on memorizing scripture. You may not have even considered trying to get your children to memorize passages of the Bible in your home. If you have, you may have decided the whining and complaining weren’t worth it. What if your kids began memorizing scriptures and enjoying it?

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Teaching Kids Worship Is Not an Event

Teaching Kids Worship Is Not an Event - Parenting Like HannahI recently heard a minister say something wonderful about worship. “Worship,” he said “is not an event for us. It’s a way of life.” I love that. In some churches, worship services rival the time, money and effort but into Broadway shows. Worship teams and choirs hold auditions. In some instances, the focus  has seemed to shift from God to the performers. An average person feels afraid to sing or participate in any way for fear of being judged inadequate to worship God.

How sad. I think about the shepherd boy David sitting in a field with his sheep. Hannah weeping near Eli. Ruth picking up leftover grain in a field. Mary holding the baby Jesus in her arms in a stable. Worship was never an event for them. It wasn’t about going once a week and performing for God. It was the way they lived their lives every day.

This is what we need to teach our children. Everything they do should be in worship to God. Using their talents to serve and share their faith. Singing praise songs in their less than tuneful voice. Praying prayers of praise as they sit looking out at God’s creation. Everything they do should worship God.

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Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. (Deuteronomy 11:18-19 NIV)