Living Like Jesus Month One Check-In: Bible Study

Living Like Jesus Month One Check In: Bible Study - Parenting Like Hannah
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So, how was your first month trying to live more like Jesus? Were you able to find Bibles and Bible study plans that worked for you and your children? Did any of you work with your children on increasing their Bible comprehension or scripture memorization?

This is my daughter’s junior year in high school and she is being slammed academically. Even though she is home schooled, she is studying six or seven days a week (and long days at that).  It would have been very easy for us to give Church, service work and Bible reading a rest this year. To her credit, I don’t think she would have let me had I tried. (I did force her to take a two month break from one volunteer commitment, partially to keep her healthy.)

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Teaching Your Child Bible Reading Comprehension

Teaching Your Child Bible Reading Comprehension - Parenting Like Hannah
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School teachers spend a lot of time working with children on reading comprehension. They understand children need to have the ability to teach themselves information from the written word. Without strong reading comprehension skills, a child will struggle with much of his school work and even in his adult life.

Yet, when our children read the Bible, most of them have had no help with the special comprehension skills needed. They often struggle to understand what is written and give up in frustration. The sad thing is that those words are the most important words your child will ever read. The words in the Bible are God’s message to us and His commands for how He wants us to live our lives.

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Bible Reading Plans for Children

Bible Reading Plans for Children - Parenting Like Hannah
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So how are you and your family doing with the twelve month challenge to start living more like Jesus?  Have you started having family devotionals? Has everyone found a Bible reading plan that meets their needs? Have you found some great songs to help you memorize scripture?

Finding a Bible reading plan for older children and teens can be a challenge.  Many young people struggle with the standard “reading through the Bible in a year” or even the “chronological Bible” plans which adults usually prefer. Children start out the year fine, as those first days are the stories in Genesis they have heard most of their lives. As soon as the genealogies and law lists start though, their eyes glaze over and they give up on Bible reading.

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There’s an App For That

There's An App for That - Parenting Like Hannah
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Recently, I joined the world of iPad addicts. My busy schedule and the need to accomplish something while I am waiting, meant I needed an easily portable computer. There is a relatively new app I believe can help you introduce your child to the world in the Bible in a very real way.

Bible360 is a free app (The full app does require payment.). You can download it in the iTunes store or from their website. It has the normal Bible and reading plans. The exciting part for me was the virtual tour of sites in the Bible. Click on one of the more than three dozen virtual tours. (Over 500 if you have the premium paid version) Suddenly you are in Jerusalem or at the Temple. Tap on the various areas for close-ups and more detailed information. The site also contains photos (mini photos over 2300 free, large photos 52 free) , artwork (mini over 700 free, large more than 60 free), maps (mini 143 free, large 16 free) and videos (3 free).

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Teaching Children How We Got the Bible

Teaching Children How We Got the Bible - Parenting Like Hannah
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I am old. Really old. When I was a teenager and wanted to learn about something, I had three options. Trust my parents to have the answer, use our set of encyclopedias or drive five miles to the library and hope they had a book or magazine with the answer. Now, in a few seconds, I can have millions of answers to a question on my computer screen right in my house.

In those olden days, you either had to trust the few sources you had available or you just sort of forgot the question. Today’s child has millions of possible answers to their questions in a few seconds after they ask it. The problem is that some of them are accurate, some are partially accurate, some are wrong and some are just too weird to even consider. With so many answers to choose from, how do we know whose answer we can trust?

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