Moms Who Are Stretched Too Thin

Moms Who Are Stretched Too Thin - Parenting Like HannahMany ministers are afraid to address the issues facing mothers when it comes to working outside of the home. No matter what you have learned through research, observation or personal experience, half of the people you are attempting to serve become angry with you when you share what you have learned. The anger convinces many to just avoid the topic entirely.

As I encounter more and more kids and teens in extreme emotional and spiritual pain on an almost daily basis, I think it is time we take a balanced, honest look at the topic of working, both parents roles in parenting and the impact it has on children. We have to start being honest, discussing priorities and learning how God wants us to parent our kids.

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Helping Your Hurting Child

Helping Your Hurting Child - Parenting Like HannahFor your children to grow up prepared to face life’s challenges as adults, they have to go through some tough times while they are young. Sound weird? Life’s tough and as a parent you naturally want to protect your kids from unnecessary pain.

No matter how hard you try though, you can’t protect your child from everything. What you can and should do is teach your child how to be resilient. The Bible calls it perseverance. It’s teaching your kids how to bounce back in healthy, godly ways when life knocks them down.

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Hope Your Parenting Heart Needs

Hope Your Parenting Heart Needs - Parenting Like HannahParenting can be exhausting. Christian parenting can be even more stressful as you parent against popular culture. It’s easy to become discouraged when it seems your kids are taking one step forward and two steps backwards. Hope fades as you watch our world appear to crumble before your very eyes in so many ways.

Yet God wants you to live a hope filled life. He wants you to be encouraged to follow the path He has laid for you. He wants you to parent your kids towards Him in spite of the challenges. So how can you be that person, that parent?

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Christian Moms and Legacy

Christian Moms and Legacy - Parenting Like Hannah“I’m a stay-at-home mom,” you explain. “Oh,” replies the other person with a touch of pity and the slightest hint of disdain. Working moms. Single moms. Name just about any possible variety of Christian mom and most likely she has experienced being made to feel less than by others.

Personally, I feel your children are an amazing Christian legacy for you to give the world. But sometimes, we believe that’s not enough. Or maybe, we believe we aren’t worth anything other than as the mother of our children.

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The Spirit Led Christian Parent

The Spirit Led Christian Parent - Parenting Like HannahIf you have been baptized by immersion, Acts tells us you have received a precious gift. It’s the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit serves quite a few functions in our Christian lives – all of which are especially helpful as you attempt to parent your kids towards God.

Unfortunately, we tend to be a bit muddled when it comes to the Holy Spirit. We know some of his functions, but the Bible isn’t always exactly clear about how those happen. Often Christians are even a bit fearful of sharing how they believe the Holy Spirit has worked in their lives because of the mixed reactions they may get to their story.

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