Using Nature to Help Your Kids See God

Using Nature to Help Your Kids See God - Parenting Like HannahChildren who are introduced to God later in childhood often say they have a tough time believing in God. They weren’t taught from an early age to see God working in their world and can’t articulate what it would take for them to believe God is real.

All children are concrete thinkers for quite a few years of their early development. It can be difficult even for children raised in Christin homes to understand concepts like God, whom they can’t physically see. God is an abstract idea for them and difficult for their brains to process. It’s an important part of their faith development to teach them how to see God without actually seeing Him.

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Worshipping With Your Kids

Worshipping With Your Kids - Parenting Like HannahLike many other Christian educators, I prefer children to worship with their families and not in a separate children’s worship service. Often children’s worship is little more than entertainment- with children learning they should always have fun during worship and that worship is about how they feel, not about worshipping God. Your children are missing so many things vital for their spiritual growth and health when they are separated from you – even for just part of the service.

You may have experienced a few frazzled worship services with your children and decided it is best for everyone if they are removed from the auditorium as quickly as possible. It doesn’t have to be that way. With a few tips in your pocket and a couple of extra loving Christian hands, your family can reap the benefits of family worship with very little pain and suffering!

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Do Kids Need More “Old People” in Their Lives?

Do Kids Need More "Old People" in Their Lives? - Parenting Like HannahIf your children can speak, you probably realize they consider you and anyone else close to your age “old”. I laugh now, because I will talk to friends from home and they will mention someone is “getting older”. In my memory, that person had to be at least in their 60’s or 70’s when I was a child. Inevitably, I will ask “What?! Isn’t she over 125 by now?” Usually, I realize the “old” person had actually been only in their 30’s or 40’s when I was little!

There is something about being young that makes it seem as if anyone older than your peer group is ancient. An arrogance develops as children age. By the time they reach college, many young people have dismissed anyone over the age of 30 as out-of-touch and unable to teach them anything valuable.

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Christian Parenting: Does Quality or Quantity Time Make the Difference?

Christian Parenting: Does Quality or Quantity Time Make the Difference? - Parenting Like HannahThere was an interesting article in the New York Post this weekend. The thrust of the article was that parents aren’t doing anything positive by occasionally having lunch with their kids at school. Read closely though, and you will notice the main “source” is someone who seems to resent her child constantly bugging her to come have lunch at school with him or her.

The modern parenting narrative has become one in which the parent’s wants and needs always come before the wants and needs of the child. We pretend there are parents who are overly involved in the lives of their children, but the sad truth is the vast majority of kids don’t get any of the things they really need from their parents. Instead parents provide lots of “stuff” and swoop in to “save the day” if Johnny or Susie becomes unhappy for some reason.

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Are You a Spiritually Engaged Christian Parent?

Are You a Spiritually Engaged Christian Parent? - Parenting Like HannahHelicopter parents. Tiger moms. Laissez faire parents. Free range parents. It seems like every time you look up, there is some new type of parenting. Most of these end up doing more harm than good for the long term development of kids.

Christian parenting is even more challenging. You are trying to help your kids develop not just appropriate behaviors, but to also have godly hearts. Who knows if the parenting flavor of the month can have any positive impact on spiritual parenting?

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