Having Fun With Gardening, God and Your Kids

Having Fun With Gardening, God and Your Kids - Parenting Like HannahSpring is a wonderful time to have fun teaching your kids about God. His beautiful creation is blooming all around us. Trees and plants that looked dead, come to life with new greenery. The birds are louder as they call for mates or chirp warnings for nest builders.

Spring is also a great time to start a garden with your kids. The great news is you don’t even have to own land to garden with your children. There are a lot of great websites and books about container gardening and raising food from plants you grow in your house. (I found Indoor Edible Garden at Costco and it’s on Amazon for just a little more.)

As you plant seeds or tiny plants, care for them and wait for them to grow food, there are also lessons you can teach your kids about what God wants them to know. They don’t have to be formal lessons. Casual conversations as you plan and work often resonate better with children anyway.

So what are some of the lessons you can teach your kids while growing things?

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When Parents Apologize

When Parents Apologize - Parenting Like HannahHave you ever over reacted to something your kids did because you were tired and cranky yourself? Or have you ever realized you should have been doing or not doing something in your parenting you know you need to change? Has there ever been a time when you punished your child for something he or she didn’t actually do? What did you do next?

The answer to that last question is often more important than the answers to all of the others combined. Why? Because we all make parenting mistakes. Some of them are more serious than others. It’s what we do when we realize we have erred though that can impact our relationship with our kids – often for years to come.

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My Favorite Christian Picture Book – Ever!

My Favorite Christian Picture Book - Parenting Like HannahThere are so many more Christian picture books for children than when my daughter was little. Some look tired and old-fashioned – even though the thoughts may be true. Others are more commercial, but perhaps a bit askew here and there. Rarely, do I find one I am thrilled to have found and suggest to others.

When I Pray For You by Matthew Paul Turner is a new picture book from a Christian perspective. I absolutely love this book on so many levels – it’s almost ridiculous! You know that secular kids book that makes you cry – the one with the grown man cradling his old mother? While the sentiment is laudable, it just misses the real depth possible of a parent’s love for his or her child.

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7 Tips for Parenting the “Stubborn” Child

7 Tips for Parenting the "Stubborn" Child - Parenting Like HannahDid you realize a lava lamp is really about oil and water not mixing well? While the results look interesting in a lamp, when a parent and child don’t get along well, there is a lot of unhappiness. If you have children, there is a fairly decent chance you will have what seems like constant conflict with one of them.

It may feel like no matter what you say, this child gets upset. Or maybe, you have found this child seems to be able to easily and constantly “push every button” you have. You may find most of your time with this child is spent in some sort of conflict. Most likely, you have decided this child is “stubborn” or some other negative adjective.

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