Great Prayer Craft

Great Prayer Craft - Parenting Like HannahKids love secrets. There is something fun about a little mystery in life. That’s probably why detective series have been hits in children’s literature for decades. What if you could encourage your child’s prayer life by helping them make a “secret” place for their prayers?

This is a really simple craft, yet it kept a group of five to ten year olds engaged for a long period of time. You need a used mint container (preferably the metal ones) for each child. If you are doing this with a large group, we were able to find a company that sold unused tins for less than a dollar each. You will also need scrap pretty papers (scrapbooking paper, gift wrap, etc.), scraps of lace, ribbon, rick rack and/or fabric, golf pencils (if you don’t know golfers, office supply stores sell these by the gross), glue, scissors and markers.

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Creative Ways to Remind Kids to Pray Without Ceasing

Creative Ways to Remind Kids to Pray Without Ceasing - Parenting Like HannahChristian parents are usually the most consistent at teaching children to pray. Meals and bedtime are great markers to remind kids to talk to God. What we are not as great at doing is teaching our children to pray without ceasing. Let’s be honest. We sometimes have a hard time doing that ourselves. We mean well, but then life gets busy and suddenly we realize it has been days since we last had a meaningful prayer time with God.

Remember the old trick of tying a string around your finger to help you remember something important? Well, here are some creative ways to help you and your kids remember to pray without ceasing.

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Dads Praying For Their Daughters

Dads Praying For Their Daughters - Parenting Like Hannah
A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter by Rob and Joanna Teigen

Dads often get a bad rap, especially on television. If a dad is even present, he is often portrayed as stupid, uninvolved and totally clueless about his children and their lives. If a television dad should have a daughter, the dad is obviously uncomfortable even talking with her. The idea of being actively involved in her life would never occur to him.

Dads have such an impactful relationship with their daughters. Much of how a girl feels about her appearance, the men she chooses to date and more are often a reflection of her relationship with her father. Many dads are aware of this and spend time cultivating great relationships with their daughters.

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Fun Crafts to Teach Good Prayer Habits

Fun Crafts to Teach Good Prayer Habits - Parenting Like HannahPart of dedicating your children to God is helping them make the switch from following your lead to having their own personal relationship with God. One of the easiest areas to begin helping your children develop a personal spiritual life is in teh area of prayer.

The two concepts you want them to incorporate in their prayer lives are constant, consistent prayers and the idea of taking everything to God in prayer. Yesterday, we had the kids make two crafts which hopefully will help them with these concepts.

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Praying Blessings On Your Children

Praying Blessings on Your Children - Parenting Like Hannah
Photo by commanderjaygold

Some of the most interesting passages in the Old Testament are when the patriarchs blessed their children. The Bible never really tells us for sure if they were actually prophecies from God or just reflected the father’s wishes, but they had a lasting effect on the sons who heard them.

As parents, we don’t have (and probably don’t want) the power of blessing our child with a predictive blessing like those in the Old Testament. We can use prayer though, to bless our children in other ways. Ways that may effect them more than we realize.

This month in our challenge to teach our children to live more like Jesus, we are focusing on helping our children to develop a personal prayer life while we also work on strengthening our own. One idea I heard years ago rings true to me now as I encounter more and more adults who had damaging relationships with their parents. Our children need to hear us asking God to bless them in our prayers.

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