TEN REASONS TO FALL IN LOVE WITH JESUS: Reason #1 (Nancy Rue Guest Post)

Ten Reasons to Fall in Love with Jesus: Reason #1 (Nancy Rue Guest Post) - Parenting Like Hannah
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My daughter has read probably almost every one of Nancy Rue’s books for girls. Ms. Rue’s books represent something which is difficult to find in much of today’s fiction: Christian literature that is age appropriate, realistic and inspiring. I appreciate Ms. Rue for agreeing to guest host today’s Parenting Like Hannah. As an expert on writing for tweens and teens, Ms. Rue is giving you a devotional to share with your tween daughters. Be sure to check out her free resources and enter the contest at the bottom of the post! In future posts, I will be discussing some of those parenting issues that seem to hit mothers the hardest beginning in the tween and teen years. For today, have some Valentine fun sharing this devotional with your daughter!

I want to give a big Mini-Women thank you to Thereasa Winnett of Parenting Like Hannah, for being a part of our 10-Day blog campaign. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of you moms who are reading this. The eye-rolling and “Mo-om!” notwithstanding, you are still the most important influence in your tween daughter’s life.  I hope you’ll share this with her:

For the mini-women:   Like most M-W’s, you’re probably way aware that the Valentine’s Day season is here, and you probably either love the cards, the candy, the frills – or you can’t wait for the thing to be over because it makes you so painfully aware of who DOESN’T like you! One being DOES like you. He loves you, in fact. He’s just waiting for YOU to fall in love with HIM. Why would you? In ten different posts, each one giving you a peek at a feature from the FaithGirlz Bible, we’re going to give you a Reason To Fall In Love With JESUS. Here’s the first one.

Reason #1: No matter what you have going on, Jesus is there to handle it with you. Unlike your friends who try to help, he actually knows everything. Unlike your parents, he always has the time. And unlike that crazy world out there, he’ll never lead you someplace you don’t need to be.

Nancy Rue

Interested in reading more from Nancy?  Please be sure to connect with her in any of these places: Website: http://www.nancyrue.com/
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Want to win a Rafflecopter giveaway?  Click on the link and good luck (Let me know if you win.)! In the meantime, what are some of the issues and questions you are facing as the parent of a tween or teen? I’ll try to address as many of them as I can in future posts.

This sidebar, Oh I Get It!, is an example of one of the additional resources I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. These are often found in special student Bibles and are so helpful to beginning independent Bible readers. This one is from the new FaithGirlz Bible.

Faithgirlz Bible

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