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Humor for Christian Moms - Parenting Like HannahOkay, I’m going to share with you the secret for surviving parenting with your sanity largely intact. Humor. Yep, that’s what every mom needs to survive – a healthy sense of humor. Sometimes, you are in a good frame of mind and the silliness of what is happening immediately strikes you as funny. If you have had several tough mom days in a row though, you may need an outsider to remind you of the humorous aspects of parenting.

Occasionally, I will run across an author who specializes in Mom humor. Some unfortunately, can become a bit blue. So I was interested when I was given an opportunity to review a Christian “Mom” humor writer who was new to me.

Mary Huckstep calls herself Mary Mary Quite after the contrary little girl of nursery rhyme fame. In her book, MARY MARY QUITE: On Raising Children: (and other mind-altering substances), Huckstep addresses some of the things that happened in her home full of children. The stories range from tales of Easter egg hunts gone bad to the days of teen drivers in the house. She even lets her husband pen a couple of chapters which don’t necessarily point out her strengths!

If you are looking for a book that will make you fall off of your chair laughing, this probably isn’t it. It is however full of gentle, Christian humor written by a woman who obviously “gets” the joyful, humorous part of the parenting journey. If you pay attention, you will notice in many of the chapters she also manages to casually impart some parenting wisdom while telling her funny tales.

Really, my only criticism of the book is its size. I’m not quite sure why the publishers decided to make it typing paper size instead of a more normal (and mom friendly) paperback size. I did notice however, that the book is also available on Kindle which means you can read it on your iPhone while waiting for your child!

Whether you choose to read this book or another by a humorous Christian mom, I encourage you to take a break from the seriousness of parenting from time to time and make time to laugh on your journey. I think you will find it makes the load you sometimes feel as if you are carrying a bit more joyful.


This book was given to me for free in return for my honest review. While the author is not quite Erma Bombeck yet, the book is amusing and light-hearted.

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