Teaching Kids About Christian Humor

Teaching Kids About Christian Humor - Parenting like HannahRecently a publisher sent me an unsolicited copy of the new Babylon Bee book, How To Be a Perfect Christian. Normally, I rarely review books like this -more because the subject matter doesn’t really overlap this ministry than anything to do with the book itself.

Reading the book, however, raised some important questions for me as someone in ministry. For example, does Christian humor have an impact on spreading our faith (positive or negative)? Does pointing out our flaws with humor make us seem more approachable or confirm negative stereotypes that may drive people away from God?

As a parent, the more important questions involve humor and how you use it in parenting. Is the humor you use with your kids actually passive aggressive discipline? Are they laughing with you or are they close to tears? Are you teaching them to have a humor that encourages or destroys?

The Babylon Bee book is funny. A bit uneven perhaps, but there were definitely parts that were laugh out loud funny. Although, the humor (billed as satire), poked fun at everything from mainline Christian churches to community mega-churches, the skew was definitely towards the mega-churches.

Along the way, I will say they weren’t totally inaccurate in their portrayal of some churches and some Christians. You may choose to believe they were accurate about most churches and most Christians. And that’s what made me a bit uneasy. Are we so busy criticizing ourselves and each other, we have forgotten that we are supposed to be encouraging each other to be better? To do good works that point others to God, who is perfect? To share our faith and the positive changes God has made in our lives?

Will this book make you laugh? Probably. Will it make you think? Hopefully. When it does though, I hope you think about much more than the critiques it makes of the things that already bother you. Instead, I hope it spurs you to be that encourager to become better, more Christ-like and not waste so much energy throwing each other under the bus.



A copy of this book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review. An affiliate link is included for your convenience.

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