Powerful Prayers for Your Daughter

Powerful Prayers for Your Daughter - Parenting Like HannahIt doesn’t take long in your Christian parenting journey before you realize what a lifeline prayer is for you. As your children get older, it seems more of your time is spent praying for the specifics of everything happening in their lives. When those moments come when you panic about some aspect of their futures, more prayers go up.

Or maybe you are like many of us. Life gets so crazy and so hectic, it seems like your prayers are scattered and almost frantic as they are whispered quickly in the moment. Or you begin praying at night and fall asleep before you can even finish.

Which is why I was interested in the new book, Powerful Prayers for Your Daughter by Rob and Joanna Teigen. The authors attempt to cover almost ninety areas in which they believe your daughter needs specific prayers. They cover everything imaginable from when she’s angry to when she’s using the internet.

Each topic begins with a couple of scriptures, which I believe is great. Then the authors write out a prayer, I guess they expect you to pray. I really wish instead, they had just written a few paragraphs about why they believe it’s important to pray for your daughter in that area and any specific things they think you should know or might forget.

Instead, the written prayers sound as if they are a bit stilted and at times just seem like rather odd things to say to God in a prayer – like “These are amazing truths, but somehow it’s still easy to fall in with the world around us.” Are you trying to tell God something you think He doesn’t know? It’s obvious this point is something the authors want to teach the reader. Trying to force it into a prayer to God though makes it awkward.

The sentiments themselves are fine. Every few pages, there are testimonies from various parents about times they prayed for their daughters and what happened. They are interesting little stories which are intended to motivate parents who are perhaps still unsure about putting this much effort into specific prayers for their daughter.

I love this book if you want to feel as if you have covered every aspect of your daughter’s life with prayers – especially if you are concerned you have somehow skipped something. (Hopefully, God is filling in some of those blanks for us!) I just wish it had been formatted differently. I would imagine though, most readers are capable of distilling the information they provide and crafting their own personal prayers for their daughter.



This book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review. An affiliate link is included for your convenience.

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