Weekly Christian Parenting Challenges #11

School starts soon. It’s a great time to make any changes you’ve been wanting to make in your family. Here are this week’s social media challenges to help.

Monday: Fashion, and what is considered modest, changes from generation to generation and culture to culture. Your kids – both boys and girls – should think about what their clothing (or lack thereof) says to others. Is it sending a sexualized message? We all know people who would have lustful thoughts regardless of what someone is wearing, but those are the extremes and should not be used to excuse wearing clothing meant to provoke a sexual response in others. (As in, “Lust is that person’s issue, I have no responsibility to dress modestly.) Teach your kids how to be attractive without being sexual. Help them understand modesty is about an attitude as well as clothing.

Tuesday: School starts soon. For many families, it’s going to look different than in previous years. Even if everything were the same though, the beginning of a school year is a good time to reset your family schedule. Carve out time for daily family devotionals. Make time for good old fashioned family fun. Make sure everyone gets more sleep and exercise. Don’t fritter away another year of time. Use it wisely and you may be surprised what happens.

Wednesday: This area was supposed to be full of wildflowers, but the seeds planted there never reached their potential. God has given each of your kids potential. Not just potential to do well in school or become athletes or artists. Potential to be mighty women and men of God. To do the good works He has prepared for them in advance, serving others and sharing their faith. That is the potential that is most important that you help your kids fulfill.

Thursday: A huge part of childhood used to be time spent quietly playing in a playhouse, sitting in a tree or plopped on the grass watching the clouds go by. It gave you time to think, ponder the things you were learning, figure out who you were and who God wanted you to be. You were able to soak in God’s creation and realize He was out there, bigger and wiser than you would ever be. You had time to reflect on scripture and dream godly dreams. Your kids need that device free, unplanned quiet time. Teach them how to use it since it’s a lost art. Give their brains the processing time most young people don’t have today. It could make a huge positive difference in their lives.

Friday: Your kids have experienced church over the last few months like no other generation before them. We have no idea of the long term impact it may have on them spiritually. It’s crucial to have regular conversations about the reasons God wants Christians to worship and fellowship together. Make sure worship services and connecting with fellow Christians is still a high priority – even if you must do it virtually to stay safe.

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