Weekly Christian Parenting Challenges #16

How was your week? Need encouragement or ideas? Here are our social media challenges for the week.

Monday: To your kids life can feel like a maze. They need your help learning how to navigate it. Not to run it for them, but to teach them how God wants them to run it. That will take a lot of time and effort, put you have to do your part if you want them to have the best chance of spending eternity in Heaven.

Tuesday: What will your kids remember about their childhood? Probably not always what you think. What they often remember and unintentionally copy are your attitudes and actions. Making sure you are accurately reflecting God’s image makes it more likely they will. Struggling with a sin? Get the help you need to conquer it or your kids are likely to repeat the pattern. Do what you can to give your kids a godly pattern to copy.

Wednesday: Freedom means different things to different people. The Bible tells us we have freedom in Christ. Unfortunately, liberal theology is teaching that freedom means we no longer have to worry about obeying God’s commands…except to love one another. That’s not what Jesus taught. Loving God includes obeying Him…even when we don’t understand or like those commands. Teach your kids how to obey God. It will make a huge positive difference in their faith journey.

Thursday: Are your kids distance learning from home or homeschooling? Our Teach One Reach One Ministry website has tons of free lessons and activity ideas to add learning about God to your child’s day. With lessons for kids and teens, there’s something for every age. www.teachonereachone.org

Friday: Do your kids know you love them? Maybe, but they still need to hear you say the words. They need hugs. They need you spending a lot of quality time with them. They need to know you like them and enjoy doing things with them that they love to do. These are the things that really help your kids know you love them.

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