2021 Christian Parenting Challenges Week #1

We know you are busy and social media prevents you from seeing many of our challenges. This year, we will send a weekly summary of the challenges for you to print and use at your convenience.

Monday: Why use a raised bed versus planting the “regular” way? Great question! When your kids see the way you do things, they may not question you about why you do them. They will either copy you or reject your choice for themselves. Not a huge deal when planting a garden, but extremely important when talking about whether or not to obey God. Taking time to explain to your kids that what you are doing or not doing is to obey God and why it’s important is so very crucial. Otherwise, they won’t understand the importance of the choice they are making when they are deciding whether or not to copy you.

Tuesday: Fences can be viewed two ways…They keep you from something you want to do OR They keep you safe from predators and other potential dangers. You can focus on what you can’t do and make yourself miserable or you can focus on the complete freedom, without worry of danger, you have inside the fence and be happy and content. Your kids will view God’s commands the same way. Your job is to help them understand and focus on the protection and freedom and not on wondering about the sins they aren’t allowed to commit without making God unhappy. It’s all about the heart and attitude.

Wednesday: Your kids will probably become overwhelmed if they attempt a reading the Bible through in a year plan. The plans usually require reading multiple chapters a day and quickly involve books that can bog down young independent Bible readers. Instead, encourage them to read story heavy books, like Genesis, Esther or the Gospels. Or practical books like Proverbs or James. It’s the habit you want to encourage, so focus on a chapter a day or even a verse for struggling readers. Then encourage reflecting on what they have read for the rest of that day. For more tips, we have a free resource that prints as bookmarks (Available in English, Spanish and Russian)

Thursday: Most people saw a dead tree, but one man saw a work of art and created this. Can you see potential in your kids? God can! He gave each of your kids at least one gift to use to serve Him. That’s potential. Helping your kids make that potential into a life that obeys, worships and serves God is your privilege and your responsibility as a Christian parent. It’s also one of your greatest rewards to see your kids reach their God given potential.

Friday: What world views are your kids being taught in school? They will often claim none, but every textbook, every teacher has a bias. Not knowing what it is means you can’t discuss them with your kids and counter any that are ungodly.

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