Christian Parenting Challenges #12

Spring is in full bloom in Atlanta. The beauty is balanced by our Spring tornado threats. Hopefully, you weren’t impacted by dangerous weather and you are starting to see signs of life in your area. Here are this week’s social media challenges.

Monday: From far away, these all just look like white flowering trees. If you look closely though, the blooms are unique and so are the trees. Your kids are very different, too. They all need some of the same things, but even those they may need in different ways. You have to get up close and spend a lot of quality time with them to really know what they need to become who God created them to be. Otherwise, they will only get a fraction of what they needed to reach their full godly potential.

Tuesday: Most people claim they don’t have family devotionals because they don’t have the time. A study found the average person spends 1800 hours in a non COVID year watching content, like tv or Netflix. If you read the Bible to your kids 15 minutes a day, it only takes 90 hours a year. Let that sink in for a minute. What are your true priorities?

Wednesday: This new book is a great tool for explaining to your kids the overarching story of the Bible and how all the pieces fit together. It also explains some of those puzzling things like why sometimes Jesus tells people he healed to keep quiet and other times to tell everyone. She also shows the amazing richness of scripture in stories like the feeding of the 4000 and why there might have been those seven baskets of leftovers. Encountering Jesus in the Real World of the Gospels by Cyndi Parker

Thursday: My urns had started looking a little haggard after years of minimal care. So I pulled everything out and started at the beginning again. Sometimes in parenting things seem to be going haywire. Going back to the basics can get things in order more quickly than trying to figure out the tangle in its current state.

Friday: Father’s Day isn’t until June, but kids need their dad to be engaged in their lives every day. Christian parenting isn’t just the job of the mother. Dads need to be in the trenches with them, actively pointing their kids to God.

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