Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Enrolling Your Child In An Activity

Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Enrolling Your Child In An Activity - Parenting Like HannahIt seems to start as soon as they can walk and talk – sometimes even before. Parents are bombarded with invitations to enroll their kids in a multitude of activities – all claiming to guarantee your child’s future success.

Every one of these activities can and usually does give you a long list of all of the wonderful benefits your child will receive by allowing them to have your child’s time (and usually some of your money). It’s hard to even begin to filter through all of the options.

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Christian Kids and Dating

Christian Kids and Dating - Parenting Like HannahParents often start talking about dating when their child comes home announcing he or she wants to go on a first date. Sadly for many teens, creating a heart that is ready to date on God’s terms, should have begun many years earlier when they were still children.

Christian parents often think they are protecting their kids by refusing to talk about dating, sex, purity, marriage and other similar topics until the teen years. What these parents don’t realize is that their children are most likely already having these conversations with peers or using television shows, movies and the internet to learn about them.

Having these conversations with your kids is uncomfortable even for those comfortable talking about those topics with their spouses and other adults. And for those who aren’t comfortable, having their teeth pulled without novocaine sounds a lot more fun.

If you don’t have these conversations though, you are setting your kids up for failure. The pressure to act in ungodly ways is hard enough on any teen or young adult. For those who haven’t been given enough tools to deal with it in godly ways, they will be particularly likely to give in to peer pressure.

So what sorts of conversations should you have with children about these sensitive, but important topics?

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5 Logical Fallacies Christian Young People Need to Understand

5 Logical Fallacies Christian Young People Need to Understand - Parenting Like HannahYou already know Satan will use other people to try and convince your kids to reject God’s teachings and eventually God, himself. You want to prepare your kids, so they are armed for this battle of words, but may not be sure how to exactly do that.

Obviously, one of the best things you can do is make sure your children really know and understand what is in the Bible. Sometimes though, the people wanting them to reject God and His commands will play a verbal chess game with your kids. They will make use of rhetorical tricks to convince your kids a lie is the truth.

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How Raising Godly Children Changes the World

How Raising Godly Children Changes the World - Parenting Like HannahWe have recently been in one of those lovely spells where we are having constant car troubles. Did I mention it was with both of our cars? It’s never fun, but our experiences reminded me of something important.

You see, throughout this journey, we have had many negative experiences. From mechanics who didn’t learn the skills they needed to really do their job well, to mechanics who weren’t doing their best – making mistakes a brand new mechanic shouldn’t make, to over-charging, unkept promises and lies – we have experienced a wide range of the problems in our world.

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How Defensive Parenting Changes Kids

How Defensive Parenting Changes Kids - Parenting Like HannahDid you take our quiz, Are You a Defensive Parent? How do you think you did? How many “Yes” answers did you have? Unfortunately, the number of “Yes” answers isn’t as important as to which questions you answered “Yes”.

Defensive parenting really has two parts to it. Both are equally critical to the ultimate results you may have in attempting to dedicate your kids to God. Your ultimate goal of course is for your kids to end up in Heaven. A more immediate goal is to have them become active, productive, faithful Christians. To accomplish both goals, you need to help your kids build strong faith foundations and reach their godly potential.

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